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Chemical Operations CAS

Certificate of Applied Science

Chemical Operations

Chemical operators control and tend processes in a broad range of industries such as chemical processing, power generation, pharmaceuticals and water treatment.  The Chemical Operator CAS degree is a 1-year program that allows students to quickly prepare for entry level jobs in the process industry.  Degree classes all transfer into the 2-year Process Technology AAS program for students who wish to continue their education after completing the CAS program.

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More About the Program

A chemical operator manages overall production in a chemical plant, including the employees, operations, and machinery. Chemical operators’ duties and responsibilities include maintaining plant machines such as mixers, vessels and the control functions. Chemical operators also oversee the production process to ensure it runs smoothly and safely and produces a quality product. Skills and qualifications of a chemical operator include equipment maintenance, leadership, and operational experience in the industry.

Chemical Operators positions have an average wage of $65,460 per year with the range of wages going from $38,160 to $95,860 per year.  [DOL BLS May 2020]



Ken Haynes
Department Chair
[email protected]
Ron Rogillio
Program Coordinator
[email protected]



PTEC 101 Intro to Process Technology ..... 2 Credits

PTEC 110 Introduction to Process Technology Laboratory ..... 1 Credits

PTEC 202 Safety, Health, and Environment ..... 3 Credits

PTEC 103 Process Technology I (Equipment) ..... 3 Credits

ENGL 109E Writing for the Professions ..... 3-4 Credits

PTEC 206 Process Quality ..... 3 Credits

Semester Total : 15

PTEC 111 Process Technology Applications ..... 2 Credits

PTEC 112 Process Technology Applications Laboratory ..... 1 Credits

PWPT 202 Instrumentation ..... 3 Credits

MATH 109 Applied College Math MATH 109E Applied College Math Enhanced ..... 3-4 Credits

PTEC 203 Process Technology II: Systems ..... 3 Credits

PTEC 205 OR 207 Process Technology III: Operations OR Internship ..... 3 Credits

Semester Total : 15