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Computer Science Technology: Software Developer

Associate of Applied Science

Computer Science Technology - Software Developer Concentration

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Science Technology Software Developer concentration is a two-year program that prepares graduates as entry-level computer programmers to create or maintain programs and systems for business, industry, health care, education and government service. The curriculum is designed to train both first-time job seekers as well as those currently employed in the field who want to upgrade their knowledge and skills. Graduates should be able to transfer their knowledge of computer systems and languages to different systems as technological changes occur.

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More About the Program

The Software Developer concentration of the Computer Science degree allows the student to learn the basics of programming. Students will learn the proper way to write code to achieve certain goals. Throughout the curriculum students will be challenged to create different things and think critically about how to approach programming projects. Additionally, students will learn how to utilize a database with their programs.


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