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Computer Science Technology: Web Design

Associate of Applied Science

Computer Science Technology: Web Design

If you are planning a career as a computer professional, opportunities are endless! Almost every company, no matter how big or small, employs computer specialists and most of these companies are always looking for qualified people. The number of programmers, system analysts & hardware, software, networking & security specialists needed to fill available positions will continue to grow. In addition to computer specialists, trained personnel are needed in all fields. Whether one is seeking employment as a teacher, accountant, writer, fashion designer, lawyer or a number of other jobs, one question is frequently asked: What do you know about computers? Interacting with a computer is part of the daily routine for millions of white-and blue-collar workers. No matter the career choice, in all likelihood one will be a frequent user of computers.

    The Web Design Concentration prepares students for employment in all areas of web design. Individuals can work for a company or independently as an entrepreneur. Students get hands-on experience using the latest in web design software, database software and networking technologies.

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More About the Program

The Web Design concentration of the Computer Science degree will focus on learning to create web pages that offer more than just basic information. Students will learn to create interactive pages that can perform tasks for the user. Students will also learn how to create graphics for their web pages so they can make their web pages stand out. Additionally, students will learn the importance of database structures behind the scenes of the web page.



Brandon Walker
Associate Professor/Program Coordinator
Computer Science
[email protected]
Phone: 304.205.6682

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