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Drafting Skill Set

Drafting Skill Set Certificate

Drafting was traditionally a paper and pencil profession, with workers sitting at drafting desks drawing technical plans using drafting tools. Today, though some workers still draw by hand, most workers use computer-aided design and drafting software (CADD).

CADD software allows workers to create drawings and plans in a much more dynamic fashion, making it easier to calculate dimensions and materials and make changes when needed. CADD drawings can also be programmed into manufacturing equipment, allowing products to be produced exactly as drafters design them.

The Drafting Skill Set Certificate program is comprised of two classes, although students may take one or both.

  • AutoCAD

    • An introduction to the standard conventions of two-dimensional graphic communications. Topics include: sketching, line types and meaning, orthographic views, sectional views, auxiliary views, pictorial views, dimensioning, tolerances and the use of 2-dimensional CAD software. Completers may sit for the AutoDesk Certified User - AutoCAD exam.
  • Solid Modeling and 3D CAD

    • An introduction to solid modeling software for mechanical applications using SolidWorks or Inventor. Topics include an introduction to the SW interface; using sketch planes to create 3-D solid models, add features, build complexity into their models, and create detailed drawings of single parts based on current ASME Y14.5M standards; build assemblies from multiple part flies; and create presentation files illustrating design concepts. Completers may sit for the Certified Solid Works Associate exam.

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Course Pre-requisites:

  • None

Students learn:

  • AutoCAD and 2D Modeling
  • Solid Modeling and 3D CAD

Tuition & materials:

  • $1,000 per class; includes use of software and certification exams.
  • Students can petition for college credit based on certifications earned.

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