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Instrumentation, Measurement & Control Technology

Instrumentation, Measurement & Control Technology program will develop skills for the installation, maintenance, calibration and troubleshooting of systems used to measure and control the flow, level, temperature and pressure in automated industrial processes in the chemical, oil and gas industry. Courses combine technical theory, use of state of the art equipment, and hands-on experience necessary to work in industrial instrumentation fields across the state, and throughout the country, including chemical operations, upstream and downstream oil and gas.


First Semester
Course Course Name Credits
PTEC 202 Safety, Health & Environment 3
GNST 102 First Year Experience 1
MECH 120 Electrical Components 3
MATH 115 Applied Technical Math (GEC-2) 3
ENGL 101 English Composition I (GEC-1) 3
PWPT 202 Instrumentation and Control 3
  Semester Total 16
Second Semester
Course Course Name Credits
INST 112 Instrumentation Devices and Calibration 3
PWPT 107 Electrical Controls 3
AMTE 133 Industrial Wiring and NEC 2
AMTE 134 Industrial Power and Devices 3
MECH 220 Digital Fundamentals and PLCs 3
  Semester Total 14
Third Semester
Course Course Name Credits
AMTE 245 Advanced PLCs (GEC-4, pending approval) 3
INST 218 Final Control Elements 3
PTEC 103 Process Technology I:  Equipment 3
INST 211 Advanced Instrumentation 3
MECH 130 Mechanical Components and Electrical Drives 3
  Semester Total 15
Fourth Semester
Course Course Name Credits
INST 213 Process Control Loop Troubleshooting (GEC-4, pending approval) (Capstone) 3
INST 214 Distributed Control Systems and Networks 2
      Technical Electives 6
      Select two of three technical electives:  
INST 251 1. Process Instrumentation Tech Internship  
CHEM 101 2. General Chemistry (GEC 2)  
PHYS 100 3. Introductory Physics (GEC 2)  
BUSN 230 Business Communications & Ethics (GEC-3) 3
  Free Elective 1
  Semester Total 15