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Elementary Education Concentration

Associate of Applied Science

General Studies - Elementary Education Concentration

The Associate in Arts- Elementary Education concentration is a program that serves a dual purpose.  It provides the first two years of general study to students who plan to transfer to a baccalaureate program and work toward a Bachelor of Arts or Science in Elementary Education (see transfer information).  It also provides two years of general studies to individuals who desire a structured, non-technical, degree program to gain employment or to secure a promotion in employment.

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What can I do with this degree?

With the AA-ELME Concentration Degree, students would be eligible to transfer into a 4-year Teacher Education Program, specifically at local Institutions in which BridgeValley has established articulation agreements.  Completion of the AA-ELME Concentration does not guarantee admission to a Teacher Education Program.  Students must meet specific requirements of the transferring institution.  The degree can also provide the foundation for General Education and assist in gaining employment or advancement in employment.  

More About the Program

  • While completing the AA-ELME Concentration Degree, students will be engaged in 40 hours of observation in a K-5 Educational Setting. Prior to entering a K-5 Educational Setting, Students will be require to complete and pass a background check.
  • The Praxis Core Exam (Writing, Reading and Math) will be a part of the ELME 207- Educational Psychology and Learning. Passing the Praxis Core is a fundamental requirement for transfer to a 4-year Teacher Education Program. Should a student not pass the Praxis Core, optional review courses (ELME 299 – Special Topics) can be taken by the student.
  • Completion of the AA-ELME Concentration Degree does not guarantee that the student will be accepted into a transferring institution’s Teacher Education Program.
  • Students must complete all ELME courses with a grade of “C” or better and fulfill all institutional graduation requirements as noted in the college catalog to receive an AA-ELME Concentration Degree.

(note: some 4-year Teacher Education programs require a “B” or better on Education Specific Courses and a GPA of 3.0 as admission requirements into a Teacher Education Program.)


Judith Whipkey, MS
Chair/Program Coordinator - AA - ELME Concentration
[email protected]

2001 Union Carbide Drive
South Charleston, WV 25303


EDUC 200 Foundations of Education ..... 3 Credits

MATH 113 Mathematical Reasoning ..... 3 Credits

CHEM 100 Consumer Chemistry ..... 3 Credits

ENGL 101 English Composition I ..... 3 Credits

GNST 110 Enhanced First Year Experience ..... 3 Credits

Semester Total: 15

BIOL 101 General Biology 3 & 102 BIOL 102 General Biology Lab ..... 1 Credit - OR -

CHEM 110 Fundamentals of Chemistry 3 & CHEM 111 Fundamentals of Chemistry Lab .....1 Credits

ENGL 102 English Composition II ..... 3 Credits

HIST 101 United States History to 1865 ..... 3 Credits - OR -

102 HIST United States History From 1865 to Contemporary Times .....3 Credits

MATH 130 College Algebra ..... 3 Credits

PSYC 201 Life Span Development ..... 3 Credits

Semester Total: 16

COMM 100 Oral Communication ..... 3 Credits

EDUC 299 Special Topics 1 .....-3 Credits

EDUC 202 Educational Psychology and Learning ..... 3 Credits

HIST 112 World History Since 1500 ..... 3 Credits

MATH 115 Applied Technical Math ..... 3 Credits

PHED 101 Health and Wellness ..... 2 Credits Semester

Total: 14/16

ARTS 110 Music Appreciation ..... 3 Credits

EDUC 227 Exceptionalities & Human Diversity ..... 3 Credits

ENGL 215 Introduction to Literature ..... 3 Credits

GEOG 217 World Regional Geography ..... 3 Credits

HIST 205 Appalachian Culture and History ..... 3 Credits

Semester Total: 15