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Payment of Tuition and Fees


Students are required to pay their tuition and fees or qualify for one of the Payment Arrangement Options listed below by January 3rd for Spring Semester.  Bills for tuition and fees can be found on your MyBridge Account.

To view billing amount information on your MyBridge account

Log into your MyBridge account:

  • Click on the Student Information Link
  • Click on the Student Account Link
  • Select Account Summary by Term from the current menu
    • The top section will be the most recent billing information.
      • At the bottom of this each section, it will show that semesters current amount due if any.

PLEASE NOTE:  Students who have not paid or made arrangements to pay by the deadline will not be permitted to attend class and will have their schedules removed from registration.



Payment can be made in the Cashier’s Office in South Charleston, Main, Room 005 or by calling (304) 205-6602 during business hours at the following days and times.

  • Cashier Office Hours:   Monday-Friday  8:00 am - 5:00 pm



The following qualify as payment arrangements:

  • Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA application is available online at The BridgeValley school code is 040386.  To check the status of your financial aid application, visit the Financial Aid section of your MyBridge account, contact Financial Aid at, or visit the Financial Aid Office on your local campus during business hours.
  • Authorization by a third party such as National Guard, TAA, Veterans Administration or Vocational Rehabilitation, or WIA.
  • Monthly Payment Plan: First month payment and $50 payment plan fee are due by DECEMBER 3, 2021 for 5-month plan or JANUARY 3, 2022 for 4-month plan.
  • 60/40 Plan:  60% of the tuition and fees are due by JANUARY 3, 2022 and the remaining 40% is due by MARCH 4, 2022.