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SNA Student Nurses Association

The Student Nurses Association (SNA) is an organization whose purpose is to make a contribution to nursing education, and to the local community as a whole.  This is done by assisting students in developing their professional role for their career in health care, and also by introducing the students to current topics pertinent to the field of nursing.  They also reach out within the community to lend their hand in service to volunteer organizations.  SNA members assume roles that enhance leadership skills by planning association activities, holding elected office, and having responsibility for fundraising activities within the organization. SNA members build on professionalism and engagement in the community by participating in community and social activities, and volunteering in local public service organizations.

For more information, please contact:
Kim Huffman, Advisor
Room 131-C Building 2000
Laura Grimm, Advisor
Room 110-C Building 2000