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Student Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund provides support to BridgeValley students experiencing a crisis that could adversely affect their studies.  The intent of the funding is to support students experiencing a temporary financial hardship.  Funds are limited and not intended to provide ongoing relief for recurring expenses.  Please note—even if a student meets all eligibility, the application may still be rejected. 

Award Amount

Emergency funding is provided in the form of a grant that does not need to be repaid.  The value of the grant will vary according to the needs of the student but is limited to $250.

What expenses are covered through the Student Emergency Fund?

  • Voucher for textbooks, including online books
  • Bus passes
  • Gas cards
  • Grocery cards
  • Emergency support (ex., car repairs, and electric service disconnection)
  • Exam or other fees posted to student account
  • Scholarship posted to student account

 What expenses are NOT covered by the Student Emergency Fund?

  • Personal expenses that are not caused by an emergency situation
  • Credit card debts
  • Penalties, fines, parking or other tickets
  • Nonessential expenses
  • Expenses due to lack of planning or overspending

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be currently experiencing an emergency
  • Federal Pell grant recipients will be given priority as well as students with exceptional financial need
  • You must be an enrolled, degree-seeking student at BridgeValley
  • You must be enrolled in at least six credit hours during the term for which you are applying
  • You must not be on academic suspension, behavioral probation or suspension

**You are strongly encouraged to complete the FAFSA.

How to Apply

  • Complete the Student Emergency Fund Application here
  • Indicate the expense assistance is requested for, explain how the expense constitutes an emergency, and how it affects your ability to remain at BridgeValley
  • Students will be notified of the status of their application generally within seven business days

How the Award is Paid

Emergency grants are applied either to the student’s BridgeValley account or issued directly to the vendor (i.e., car repair service station, daycare center, etc.).  Students should be aware that emergency funding may be taxable and counted as estimated financial aid for future terms.