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BridgeValley VEX Team Group Photo

Vex Robotics Team to Compete This Week in the Vex World Championship

BridgeValley Community & Technical College's Vex Robotics Team will compete this week at the Vex World Championship in Dallas, Texas, marking a major achievement for the college. The team, which won a Judge's Award after competing at Purdue University, University of Illinois, and Fairmont State University, will join 100 teams from across the world for a three-day competition. 

According to team advisor and faculty member, Jason Spencer, the competition is a "tremendous opportunity for our students to represent their school on a big stage."  

The event will test the skills of the teams, who will use two robots to play a game against another school's two robots. This year's challenge, Spin-Up, involves getting as many yellow frisbee shaped discs in different scoring zones and defending color coded rollers for your own team. 

Arianna Ford, who is graduating this year, expressed her excitement for the competition, noting that the team has worked hard to make several changes to their design in order to compete at a higher level. 

Vex Robotics teaches skills related to engineering and programming, as well as soft skills such as communication and documentation. BridgeValley is proud to offer this option to students who want to continue competing in robotics in college. 


“If someone wants to continue competing in robotics in college, BridgeValley is happy to provide that option to our students,” says Jason. 

In addition to BridgeValley's team, several high schools and middle schools in the region also participate in Vex Robotics, providing a unique opportunity for students to develop valuable skills and showcase their talents on a global stage.