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Welding Skill Set

The Welding Skill Set Certificate is comprised of two classes; students may attend one or both classes and sit for the AWS certifications..

WLDT - 101 Introduction to Welding Processes

A basic welding course for the non-welding student.  Introductory topics include basic construction safety requirements, common hand tool usage, common power tool usage, basic ox fuel, plasma & carbon arc cutting, gouging procedures, a focus on basic SMAW/stick usage and an introduction to GMAW/MIG.

WLDT - 102 Introduction to Welding Processes

A continuation of WLDT 101. Topics include enhanced coverage of the SMAW/stick and GMAW/MIG processes with an introduction to the GTAW/TIG process.

Why BridgeValley?

  • Learn from experienced, credentialed instructors
  • Access one-on-one help to improve your comprehension and learn how to apply your enhanced knowledge
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  • Stay on track to earn your credential with a structured learning experience and support

Course Pre-requisites:

  • None

Students learn:

  • Basic SMAW/Stick
  • Introduction to GTWA/TIG


  • Davis Hall in Montgomery

Delivery format:

  • Content will be delivered online as well as in the classroom

Tuition & materials

  • $800 per class. Includes supplies, materials, required PPE and AWS testing
  • Students may petition for college credit based on certifications earned

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