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BridgeValley Connect

Informacast (also known as BridgeValley Connect) is used to help ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff. Informacast is one of BridgeValley's premier notification systems. In the event of an emergency or school closing, you will receive an alert by either a text, email, or phone call depending on your preferences.

To sign up, please login to our Informacast Mobile service.

  • Click the link above and enter your BridgeValley email address and click the arrow to continue.
  • Confirm your email address is correct and click Register.
  • When you register with InformaCast Mobile, a message will be sent to your email address to start the process. Once that email arrives, click the "Confirm Registration" link, which will allow you to choose a password and complete the registration process.
  • Once you complete the registration, click Continue to sign into your Informacast account.
  • To edit your SMS, phone call, or email addresses, click your name in the top left hand corner and click on Profile. Under Device Information, you can add your cell phone to receive SMS messages, your home phone to receive phone calls, or an alternate email address to receive email messages. Your school email will automatically receive all alert messages by default.
  • That's it! Make sure to keep your Profile up-to-date if you change phone numbers by logging back in via the link above. We will send random safety drills through this service as well as actual emergency messages.

If you have an iPhone or Android, we highly recommend you download the Informacast Mobile App. The app will push messages directly to your cell phone.

iTunes App Store

Google Play Store

Please check your profile at least each semester to make sure your information is still accurate. If you have issues registering your account or setting any of your profile settings, please email