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Course Description:  

Local Anesthesia for the Practicing Dental Hygienist is a 4-day course designed for the Dental Hygienist to gain the didactic and clinical skills necessary to qualify for state certification in administering local anesthesia.  This course prepares the participant to sit for the Commission on Dental Competency Assessment Local Anesthesia Board Examination or its equivalent.


Course Objectives:

  1. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of pain and its control.

  2. Discuss the modalities of pain and the mechanisms of controlling it.

  3. Evaluate patient medical histories and physical status relative to administration of local anesthetics and vasoconstrictors.

  4. Describe preparation of the patient for administration of local anesthetics.

  5. Describe maxillary and mandibular landmarks implicated in the administration of local anesthetics.

  6. Select appropriate armamentarium for administration of local anesthesia.

  7. Apply proper techniques in the administration of local anesthesia.

  8. Prevent emergency situations from arising through proper techniques and patient evaluation.

  9. Recognize signs and symptoms evident in emergency situations and the corrective measures which must be applied.

  10. Differentiate between various emergency equipment/supplies and the situations which dictate their use.

  11. Administer local anesthetics properly and proficiently.



May 19-22, 2021
8:00am-5:00pm each day


Course Schedule

The course is divided into lecture and clinical content sections.

Section One:  Lecture information will be presented in an online format through Zoom over the first two days of the course.  Content will include all objectives as required by the West Virginia Board of Dentistry and presented in the traditional course offered in the BridgeValley curriculum.  

Section Two:  Clinical practice and competency assessment will be conducted on the BridgeValley Montgomery campus over the course of the final two days of the course. 



The course will be taught by current BridgeValley Dental Hygiene program faculty. 


Materials/Required Items:

  • Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist - Text and Local Anesthesia Procedures Videos Access Card Package, 2nd Edition (3rd edition if available by May 19)

  • Computer/Wifi access with video and audio capabilities


Lecture: Zoom

Clinical: BridgeValley Montgomery Campus



$600 Per Participant

(The balance of the $1,200 will be paid through an Advance Grant from the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia)


CE Credit: 

30 CEU



Complete registration form below.  Once submitted you will be contacted for payment. 

Class size is limited.  Registrations will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis and recorded once payment is posted.  Deadline for submission is April 19, 2021.