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Work Sponsorship Program

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The AMT Work Sponsorship Program program couples the multi-disciplinary technical foundation provided in BridgeValley's Associate of Applied Science Degree in Advanced Manufacturing Technology with real-world paid work experience with a leading manufacturer. BridgeValley's manufacturing business partners select AMT students to sponsor and provide them with part-time work at their manufacturing facilities while the students obtain their AMT degrees. Manufacturers that are currently sponsoring students include:

  • Appalachian Power Company, Mountaineer Power Plant, Letart, West Virginia
  • Kanawha Scales and Systems, Poca, West Virginia
  • Niterra North America, Sissonville, West Virginia (formerly NGK Sparkplugs)
  • Nucor Steel West Virginia, Apple Grove, West Virginia
  • Service Wire, Culloden, West Virginia
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia, Buffalo, West Virginia

New AMT Work Sponsorships begin in August every year and continue through five consecutive BridgeValley terms: Fall, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Spring. Students that successfully complete the AMT Work Sponsorship and receive their AAS AMT Degree are eligible for full-time employment with their sponsoring manufacturer.

To be eligible for an AMT Work Sponsorship with one of BridgeValley's manufacturing business partners, a student must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Be 18 years old by first day of work sponsorship (1 week before start of class)
  • Be illegal-drug-free and committed to remaining illegal-drug-free.
  • Must meet prerequisites for English 101E and College Algebra (MATH 125) by work/study sponsorship application close (March 15).
    • Placement test scores must be submitted to BridgeValley that meet the following minimum requirements (See Requirements)
  • If the student has already achieved credit for an equivalent course or an equivalent of the course's prerequisite at an accredited college with a grade of C or better, they must request that their college trancript showing the equivalent course be sent to BridgeValley.
  • If the student does not have ACT, Accuplacer, or SAT placement exam scores or their scores do not meet the above minimum requirements, they may take the Accuplacer exam at either of BridgeValley's two locations (Montgomery and South Charleston). For more information, see Accuplacer Testing Policies and Exam Scheduling. Minimum placement test scores must be achieved and submitted to BridgeValley.
  • Submit Transcripts or Test Scores, showing you meet all eligibility requirements to: [email protected].
  • Submit the BridgeValley Application for Admissions.
  • Submit the AMT Work Sponsorship Application.

The BridgeValley Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) Work Sponsorhip Program includes a two-year Associate Degree that combines cutting-edge curriculum, paid working experience, along with learning highly sought-after business principles and best practices of a world-class manufacturer.

Students earn a wage while attending college and gain priceless work experience with a global manufacturing leader.   During the sponsorship, students will earn enough in wages that can, with proper planning, cover all of their educational expenses.  There are also potential grants, and financial aid.

While not guaranteed, graduates are eligible to continue their employment with their sponsoring manufacturer moving into a full-time position with benefits.  Many manufacturers seek professionals with this level of experience and training, plus graduates may  pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in fields such as engineering, technology, or business.

Nationally Recognized Program

The BridgeValley AMT program is endorsed and supported by FAME-USA. The Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) is a collaborative group of employers of technical workers whose purpose is to implement dual-track, work/study education that sustains a pipeline of the most highly skilled new workers in the world. The number of FAME-supported AMT programs continues to grow and, as of the start of the Spring 2018 semester, includes:

  • 305 Engaged Employers
  • 9 States: Alabama, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia
  • 22 Community College Campuses
  • 3 Universities
  • 801 Active Students