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Collegiate Recovery Program

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The Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) provides a safe, nurturing, and affirming environment where students in recovery can receive the assistance and support, they need to achieve academic success and personal goals while in college. The CRP facilitates a supportive, stigma-free community of students in recovery through individual, academic, social, and recovery supports.


What We Offer

  •     Naloxone Trainings and Recovery Ally Workshops
  •     Group and Individual Support Meetings
  •     Community Referrals and Resources


  •     Save a Life Day
  •     Recovery Month Activities
  •     Off campus educational endeavors


Contact Us

Schedule an Appointment with our Recovery Coach

[email protected]

Phone: 304-205-6726

Schedule an Appointment with our Recovery Coach

BridgeValley Collegiate Recovery Program Scholarship Application 2023-2024